Introducing the new Britax Xtensafix

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This week is child safety week and Britax have launched the Xtensafix group 1,2,3 car seat that enables children to stay in the 5 point harness until 25kgs (approx 6 years.)


My boys have always been towards the top end of the charts with height and weight so often reached car seat weight limits before the average age.  Spud hit 17.9kg not long after turning 3 a whole year before the average age that a 5 point harness has to be removed (18kg is the average weight of a 4 year old.)  Safety wise we had to change him to a high backed booster with an adult seat belt.  Luckily for his age he has a very good understanding of things and we never encountered the problem of him hooking the belt under his arm pit but I really wasn’t comfortable with the fact that he had lost his 5 point harness.  Even as a mother and not somebody that knows a lot about car seat safety I could see the monumental difference between how secure he was in a 5 point harness to how he is in an adult belt.  The adult belt lets him lean forward, lean across the back of the car, it doesn’t hold him in place at all and yes he understand not to hook his arm under or to undo his seat belt but now EVERY car journey is coupled with me saying “sit properly in your seat Spud.”  Having the knowledge that he was secure in a 5 point harness was one less distraction from driving when the kids were in the car.

The Xtensafix would have answered all of our problems.  It is suitable from 9kgs (although it is safer to keep a baby in their group 0+ car seat until they exceed the 13kg weight limit) and lasts right up until they no longer need a car seat at 12 years old or 1.35 metres tall.  For all the information that you could possibly ask for about the Xtensafix, take a look at the video.


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