Introducing the Bob Revolution SE

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When Britax contacted me and asked if we would be interested in reviewing one of the new BOB strollers, I was quite pleased that we would finally have a pushchair that could battle the woods behind our house so we could go for longer walks and no longer drive to the duck pond.  Then they started talking about getting active.  About running with a stroller.  I laughed.  I’m not really one for sport of any kind and find it hard enough to find my own balance whilst running let alone having any sort of balance with a prop like a stroller with the most precious cargo inside!  And of course I have a brilliant excuse at the moment to be lazy.

Britax then told me that they have collaborated with fitness expert Laura Williams to get parents active by sharing hints and tips to help us along, starting with pregnancy.  Ok, Ok so I admit being fitter would be nice and I keep worrying about gaining too much weight in this pregnancy but then do NOTHING about controlling it so decided that Britax might actually be onto something.

The Active Parents website launched and I spent ages looking through all of the hints and tips for staying active.  The website includes lots of different activities that I had never considered before and having children can no long be an excuse not to participate because the new line of BOB strollers are there to help you every step of the way. I found this video great for simple exercises to keep a little bit active during pregnancy and to help keep my body in some sort of shape.

Out of the range of BOB strollers I chose the Revolution SE to test because of the added feature in the swivel wheel.  No matter how many goals I set I know that I won’t run or skate with a stroller so didn’t require a fixed front wheel but that I would like to walk off-road and not be held back by the excuse that I can’t take the kids.  When it arrived I was pretty shocked at how small the box was.  I opened it up and was thrilled to see that it was all already in one piece.  All I had to do was attach the wheels and BOY are they some sizable wheels!


All three wheels are air-filled with the rears measuring up at 16 inches and the front 12.5 inches.  All of them are quick release which I love because if they get muddy you can simply pop them off before putting it into the boot of the car.  The fold is extremely easy and considering the size of the BOB Revolution SE it folds up surprisingly small.  The BOB Revolution SE offers all the features that you would expect from any pushchair, from the 5 point harness to the reclining seat.  The basket is a pretty good size but there are also pockets EVERYWHERE!  There are even little net pockets on the inside of the seat which the boys have already filled with toy cars and snacks on numerous occasions!


The BOB Revolution SE is travel system compatible and can hold either a car seat or a BOB carrycot which means when Dot pops out and Spike outgrows the BOB Revolution SE we can use it from birth.  Out of all of the features the seat size and canopy impressed me the most.  Spud is a tall 4-year-old and even though he doesn’t use a pushchair anymore I let him have a go and was surprised to see that he has clearance above his head.  The seat unit holds up to 17kg which is the average weight of a 4-year-old which opens up opportunities to go walk further with kids that don’t usually use a pushchair.  When they get tired they can hop on in and the hike continues.  I even gave the seat unit a go.  Obviously I weight A LOT more than 17kg so it’s not recommended but the Hubby and I had a bet about whether or not I could fit my pregnant butt into the seat.  I won.


Over the next few months we will be putting the BOB Revolution SE through its paces and I will be keeping everybody updated on here and my social media platforms.  If there are any situations that you would like to see the BOB Revolution SE tackle then give me a shout, we love a challenge!


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