Guest Post – Tips for balancing household finances with a family

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

With the cost of living rising, many families find themselves having to find new and inventive ways to save money and still afford the things they want and need. While taking out a loan can be a fantastic way to cover costs for a new purchase quickly, it may also be useful to consider ways to reduce your spending in some areas, giving you more money for the things you love.

Here are some top tips for balancing household finances with a family:

Make a weekly meal plan

This is a great way to budget for your family’s weekly food allowance and avoid any unnecessary spending on food that you don’t need. Meal planning also cuts the likelihood of waste as you only buy what you need so that you don’t get left with a huge amount of food you can’t use at the end of the week.

Grow your own

You don’t have to be an expert to grow your own veg. In fact, you don’t even need a large garden. Potatoes can be grown in bags on a patio area and runner beans thrive in pots with a stretch of wall to lean upon. Growing your own selection of herbs and vegetables can save you money and teach your children a valuable life lesson about where their food comes from.

Switch off equipment

Turning off TVs, computers, kettles and toasters at the end of the day is a quick way to save money on your monthly electricity bill. It may not seem like much but leaving these appliances on when they’re not in use can quickly add up to a larger bill.

Get crafty

Indulge your inner crafty nature and dig out the glue to save money on birthday cards. You can turn birthday card crafting into a fun activity with the kids; simply make a few cards at a time so you have a regular stash to draw from.

Give up the car

Many of us are guilty of jumping in a quick dash to the shops or school drop-off, when we could easily walk or cycle the same distance. Not only is giving up the car for small journeys a fantastic way to save money on petrol but it’s better for the environment and our health too.

Borrowing money

For times when you need money fast everyday average credit loans can be a good option. These are offered with a short repayment schedule which means they are more convenient for you to pay off and reduce the likelihood of encountering further financial difficulties later down the line as regular costs mount up and repayments are potentially missed. There are even bad credit loans available for those whose credit history has taken a beating over the years and that means you can receive the cash injection you need, whatever your situation.


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