Spud’s growing up!

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On Thursday I popped up to the primary school that Spud will start in September for a presentation about what to expect and what he will be learning. I sat there listening to his future teachers enthuse about what they teach the tiny little four-year olds that they are entrusted with and it made me quite excited about the whole adventure.

When I got home I relayed all the information to my mum who said

“Doesn’t it make you even a little bit sad. The past four and a half years have flown by.”

Until then I wasn’t sad. I then started to think that only five years ago we weren’t even pregnant with our little Spud.  It only feels like yesterday that we could come and go as we pleased and I still fitted in high waisted jeans! Five years ago to the day that he actually starts school we were sat at the hospital for our 12 week scan. That scares me. Because really, where have the last five years gone?


How has our tiny little blob grown into such a gorgeous little boy? He has an imagination, a sense of humour, is super smart and a wonderful big brother. He can be a total turd like any other 4-year-old but on the whole is a polite, well-mannered little angel and come September somebody else will experience all of this whilst teaching him everything he needs to know about to progress in the world. They are setting him up for his whole life, I know I will still have a huge part in shaping him into the adult that he will become but they will be the ones introducing him to the aspects that will decide his career and success.

So to answer your question, yes mother is now does make me a bit sad. My little baby is no longer a baby but he is growing into such a lovely little boy, that actually I’m quite excited about the next stage of his life.


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