Pregnancy – Week 19

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Dot’s Development

After the growth spurt last week the crown to rump measurement is approximately 6 inches with the total length being 10 inches!  This week nerve cells for her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in her brain.  She has been ingesting amniotic fluid for a few weeks but now digests it properly along with the wee that she has been doing.  The meconium that delights us in the first few nappies actually starts forming now so you can imagine why it is so gross when it’s been building up for 21 weeks!

How I’m Feeling

Argh! The sickness is back! Just when I thought it was gone it has swept back in and knocked me off my feet. I’m still bouncing around about the fact that Dot is indeed a girl and the plans for the nursery are coming thick and fast.

I took a big leap and decided that actually as this is my last baby I’m not going to go without “luxuries” that i couldn’t justify in my last pregnancies. I’m earning my own money this time so will save that for the nice things. I managed to get a nursing chair in immaculate condition from a lady down the road for only £50 and grabbed a Stokke Xplory carrycot at a bargain price. I have slowed down on the spending because I do still worry that we aren’t even at 20 weeks yet so it is still too early really.

I also sold my crib, cot and toddler bed to my friend. I keep perving over the Stokke Sleepi and know that the huge feelings of want wont go away. I think if I don’t get it before Dot is born, 6 months down the line I would end up getting it anyway! So the money from my cot etc is being put aside and saved to get Dot a gorgeous purple Stokke Sleepi and this excites me almost as much as her being a girl!

Movement is now a definite! It’s mainly if I lie completely flat after a long period of being active. She has a good old fidget and I feel the little kicks perfectly. She also pushes herself out and makes a small lump really low in my abdomen. My bump goes tight and a bit sore it’s not like a Braxton hicks contraction as it’s just located in one small area and you can feel like a ball-shaped lump. I didn’t think they did this until late on when they are running out of space but I guess if she hasn’t moved up out of my pelvis there isn’t as much space to do flips!

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The Boys

Both are quite excited. Spud keeps telling me my belly is getting bigger and explaining to me that it’s because Dot is growing. He keeps telling everyone that she started as a seed and is now *this big* but won’t come out until she is *this big* (insert hand gestures of measurement.). We also stupidly told him what her name will be. We are keeping it a secret this time but Spud doesn’t get that!

We were having a nice cuddle this week Spud was stroking my belly telling me there was a baby in there. Spike came over thinking it was a game of tickles and I managed to quickly take this photo on my iPad.


I can’t wait until she kicks hard enough for them to feel it, I think the first time will be hilarious! I’m going to try and take this photo again when my bump is much bigger as its so lovely I want to have it put onto a canvas or into a frame.

Countdown to….

Wednesday and the 20 week scan!

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