Pregnancy – Week 18

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18 weeks

Dot’s Development

There was a growth spurt this week and Dot will have gained over 2 ounces in weight.  Apparently she is now super active.  She twists, rolls, punches, kicks and generally has a little party in my spacious uterus.  Yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing all kick in around now as she practices all the skills that she will need when she is born in 22 weeks.  Vernix starts to form and I did read this week that it makes them greasy and basically lubed up ready to shoot out the birth canal.  Some pregnancy updates are just lovely!

How I’m Feeling

The first half of the week was filled with anticipation about the gender scan. I’d had a feeling since about 6 weeks that it was a girl and throughout the rest of the pregnancy but put it down to hope. I was hopeful for a girl no matter how much I said I wanted a boy. I doubt we would have tried again if I didn’t want a girl! At the scan last week the sonographer had told us she was 60% sure it was a girl so had planted that seed in my head. No matter how hard I tried it was really hard not to get excited and I had to keep reminding myself that it could still be a boy. All she had really done was set me up for actual disappointment had Dot actually been a boy!

So Wednesday came, we found out Dot is a little lady and the rest of the week I was bouncing around like an excited puppy. After the actual scan I had a huge grin on my face and kept hearing “sorry I’m not showing excitement I’m really worried about being late for work.” From the Hubby. Hell I didn’t give two hoots what his reaction was I was on cloud 9!

Later in the week he did say that he is excited but also pretty nervous. Having a girl is like starting from the beginning, we know what to do with boys. He has also seen that at 26 I STILL have my dad wrapped around my little finger and can get pretty much anything just by batting my eyelashes. I think the Hubby is a bit worried about a tiny little human having that much control over him!

Symptom wise the sickness has subsided substantially so apart from feeling a bit tired I’m feeling pretty normal. I’m still doubting movement but the sonographer did say that Dot is still really low in my pelvis and with my placenta on the front it will all be muffled. It’s pretty much the worst combination for feeling movement! Every now and then when I drive I feel a little pop but when she only seems to do one so I’m like was that her or was it just wind or my clothes rubbing my skin?!

18 week bump

The Boys

Spud is super excited about having a baby sister. I’m not sure he gets it properly but he does keep asking to look at the pictures and tells everyone he sees that we are having a baby and that it’s a girl! Spike is still really young so copies what Spud says and if I point to my belly he says there is a baby in there so seems to understand a lot for only two years old.

Counting down to…..

The 20 week anomaly scan!

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