A Pink-Splosion

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On Wednesday we found out Dot was a girl.  My announcement on my personal Facebook had me laughing because it received over 90 likes and over 45 comments.  I guess everyone was rooting for a pink one!


By Thursday morning I had been tagged in two photos, one of two outfits my mother had picked up on a trip to next – both pink, and one of some wool as my friend was getting crafty.  Guess what colour the wool was?  You got it – pink!


It seems that we are in the midst of a pink-splosion!  The Hubby and I went shopping and no matter how many yellow, white or even purple outfits we looked out we were both drawn to pink.  Even the boys are being affected, Spud decided he wanted to buy the baby a present yesterday and went for the girliest thing he could find!


We didn’t save much after having the boys because the Hubby was adamant there would be no more children, even if we had I would have been getting cash for clothing because none of it was girly and unisex clothes are just boring!  My aunty had a girl after 3 boys so went crazy with the pink and about 5 months later said she was sick of the sight of it.  I don’t doubt that I will start to get bored with pink but after avoiding the girl aisles for the past 4 years I can’t help but want everything to be really girly, really princessy and REALLY pink!


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