Introducing the Britax Affinity

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Britax are renowned for making top notch car seats and I have seen with my own eyes the thorough testing that they go through at their headquarters in Andover.  Over the past few years they are gradually broken into the pushchair market properly launching prams that rival competitors in style and price.

Their newest offering comes in the form of the Britax Affinity.  With a choice of three chassis options and six colour packs the Britax Affinity can be personalised to suit any parent and there is no longer the issue that some fashion conscious parents have with there being too many of the same pushchair around.  The colour pack system also allows parents to change the look of their pushchair if the love of a certain colour wears off or if they choose a gender specific colour and their second baby requires the opposite.

Some of the main features include:


One of my favourite features of the Britax Affinity is that it is equipped with a unique tag.  This means that anybody can check the code on to ensure that the pram hasn’t been stolen making it a lot harder to resell once stolen.  The black market for pushchairs is worth over £60 million so a system like this should help to counteract theft.

Also with most pushchair the weight limit is 15kg and I know many parents that have struggled after about the age of 2 to transport their child, the Britax Affinity offers an extra 2kg on the weight limit enabling parents to use it for longer.

The Britax Affinity is available now with an RRP of £360.  If you keep an eye out in October/November time there will be a full review of the Britax Affinity after using it with our newest tiny tester Dot.

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