Guest Post – How to Pick the Perfect Trousers for Every Body Shape

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If there’s one item of clothing that many women have trouble buying, it’s trousers. With so many shapes to choose from it’s difficult to know which one is best for your individual body type, especially as choosing the wrong shape can be so unflattering for your shape. However, with our helpful guide as to which trouser shapes are best suited to some of the most common types of figure you’ll soon get to the long and short of it – and never buy the wrong pair of ladies trousers  ever again!

Boyish – High Waist

For ladies with boyish figures, a pair of high-waisted trousers works wonders as they add the illusion of a narrower waist, particularly if you add a contrasting belt. Tuck in your shirts to accentuate the definition, and if you’re not confident about your slender legs, choose trousers with a slight flare at the bottom. On the other hand, ladies that are happy to show off their slim pins should go for fitted trouser shapes with narrow ankles, plus a looser fitting shirt to draw even more attention to the legs.

Top-Heavy or Larger Figure – Wide Legs

To balance out your curves and give you a sleek look, go for a pair of trousers with wide legs at the hem. Pinstripes and front creases are preferable too, as they help to draw the eye down, elongate the legs and streamline the whole silhouette. What’s more, wide-legged trousers are comfortable and easy to wear, whether you pair them with ballet flats at the office, or add a pair of heels for a polished evening look.

Tall and Slim – Cropped

Being tall has its benefits, including that almost all trouser shapes look good on a long and lean lady. However, cropped trousers were virtually designed specifically for tall women as they ‘shorten’ the legs, without making them appear stumpy! Whether you choose to wear them fitted or with a straight leg, keep the look classic and casual with a pair of ballet flats.

Petite – Skinny

Small and slight ladies should avoid wide-legged or cropped trousers at all costs, and instead add height with a pair of slim-fitting trousers – but how skinny you go is up to you! Loose trousers will swamp your small frame, and cropped trousers will make you look even smaller, whereas fitted legs will create the illusion of added height. Take a tip from the celebrities and choose high-waisted trousers that are a little longer than your normal leg length, add a pair of heels, and pull the cuffs of the trousers over the heel to make your legs look longer than you ever thought possible.


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