The Hubby’s Dream

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

We are extremely fortunate that our house is rented to us at a brilliant rate because of the Hubby’s job. We have a 3 bedroom house and a special duel rate for council tax and water all together, and it’s only a little over £300 a month. Should anything go wrong in our house we have a free 24 hour phone line to call with engineers on hand to fix things for us. Now this suits me fine. I love being able to phone them up should our boiler break down without having to worry about forking out thousands to get it fixed. Who wouldn’t love that?!

I’m happy living in our little bubble but the hubby seems to have a better grasp on reality. He knows it’s not going to last forever and that one day his contract will come to an end – and with it our housing situation. He has had big dreams of owning his own house since I met him and nothing seems to dampen them, not the cost of a wedding, the cost of one baby, the cost of two babies and now the cost of three babies!

Last weekend we ended up driving around new developments that he has seen online or on his travels and we’ve been talking about how he imagines our life there.

We both know that we’re very lucky to have what we’ve got, and saving up for a deposit is proving to be a bit tricky. The problem is that the smaller the amount we put down, the higher the rates on the mortgage – and this means that it won’t be easy to make the transition to paying out a large amount every month for the next 30 years when we’re used to budgeting for only £300 each month. Shopping around for lower mortgage rateson a semi-regular basis, and we can just about stretch to a new build house that would be lovely to live in, but a rate we can manage means months of scrimping and saving starting now – I’m always there reminding him we have a very good thing going on at the moment and that we should take advantage of it!

Eventually he will get his own way and I’ll be just as excited as him but for now I’ll just let him dream.


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