It’s been 2 years

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On 2nd May I went about my business as normal.  I was still jumping about after finding out Dot was a girl the day before but at the back of my mind a thought lingered.  It had been two years since I had sat with my Great Grandmother as she had passed away.


I spend most of my time trying not to think about Dotty.  I miss her terribly but the thing that makes it the difficult is that my strongest memory is from when she died.  I had never experienced death before.  Never been to a funeral and had been lucky enough that my relatives were all still alive and well.  Recently the Hubby’s Grandad has been ill and he has struggled to make a decision about seeing him because he sees how I am every time anybody talks about Dotty.

Dotty was an old lady of 92 and she had a great life, I want to remember that life and not just the way she left it.  I want to remember her sitting on the sofa sneaking sweets and hiding the wrappers down her sleeves.  I want to remember her rolling in at gone midnight every day after hitting the Bingo with her friends.  I want to remember her stories about the war and how things were.  I want to remember her meeting my boys.

One thing that I do remember and have thought about a lot recently is how whenever I got a new doll as a child she would say “I like the name Kate, Kate was my mothers name.”  Every time I was pregnant I would hear the same.  I had twos boys and both of them have my great grandfathers names as middle names.  Dotty’s name was Doris Mildred, she hated both of those names so luckily whilst trying to name Dot I don’t have to consider those to honour her.  Dot’s middle name will be Kate especially for Dotty.

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