Spud’s off to see the Cowboys!

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Last week we applied for Spud’s first passport.  The form filling was pretty easy and I thanked the stars that the Hubby is an old fart.  I was born in Germany so had he been the same age as me we would have had to have provided details of OUR grandparents which is pretty damn difficult considering we don’t know anything about Hubby’s biological father let alone his grandparents!

Spud managed to look pretty cute in his passport photo and we got everything countersigned and headed off to the post office to get it checked.  The last thing I wanted with only 6 weeks until his holiday was for them to send it back saying I had made a mistake.  It was all sent off and I walked away fifty something pounds lighter.


Now I did say there are only 6 weeks until HIS holiday.  That’s right my little 4 year old is swanning off to America with his Nana and Pops leaving me in rainy old England.  He is heading over to see my brother and sister in law who live in Texas.  He is very excited about going to see cowboys and is literally counting down the weeks.

It has made me very jealous and I have been eyeing up family holidays online.  Luckily there are a few deals around where you can get either 10% off bookings at Hotels.com and even deals where kids stay free on selected summer holidays.  I don’t think it’s acheivable this year but it has given me some idea of how much we realistically have to save.  We’ll just stick with being Butlins Ambassadors this year!


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