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A few weeks ago I filled in a survey about sleep or lack of it I should say.  From the results Silentnight decided that they could help my sleep by sending me a Chillow.


A Chillow is a water filled pad that you place either in your pillowcase or sleep directly on.  The Chillow is activated once by filling it with tap water, the water is fully absorbed into the foam core which creates a memory foam affect which aids a comfortable sleep that cools and soothes.

The Chillow takes a few hours to set up as after filling it with water you have to let it rest for 4 hours before rolling it to force any air out and to set.  The Chillow can be used for all ages and on all body parts as it’s non toxic, non-gel,, latex and phthalate free.

In early pregnancy I often feel a lot hotter than normal and sleeping in the same bed as my husband is like sleeping with a radiator anyway so the two together mean I don’t sleep very well at all.  Having one window open was never enough so I used to get up and open them all but then complain when first thing in the morning I was freezing cold.

After setting up the Chillow I opted to put it inside my pillow case because it has quite a strong “new” smell and worried that it would disturb my sleep more than being hot.  I had quite a good sleep the first night but quite like to be able to squash my pillows which I was unable to do, it is flexible but not really squashable.  For the rest of the week my sleep was ok, but Spike wasn’t waking up and adding to the amount of times my sleep was disturbed.  I don’t think the Chillow made a substantial difference to my sleep.

The Chillow is quite high maintenance and has to be stored flat, uncovered and at room temperature.  I don’t have that many places that storing it like that is possible.  It also said in the instructions that it should be between certain weights and that it needs topping up if evaporation occurs.  The RRP is £27.50 but in all honesty I would expect to see miracles if I was going to spend that on a sleep aid.



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