Pregnancy – Weeks 6-11

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As you will have seen we are expecting our third baby in October.  It’s actually my 5th pregnancy and since having Spud we have been extremely lucky in falling straight away but it never fails to take us by surprise.  I found out that I was pregnant at about 4 weeks but spent a few days in a mixture of denial and utter fear.  My biggest worry was that I would get excited only to lose the baby again like I did in November.  After a bit of a flap I decided what will be will be and to just soldier on until somebody could give me proper answers.  At 5+6 I had a scan to check that the baby was developing in the right place after some stabbing pains and we saw our tiny little Dot.


It was too early to see a heartbeat but the sonographer told me that everything was where it should be and it looked perfect for its dates.  Tiny little Dot was only the size of an apple seed!  I was told that despite having a miscarriage in November I wouldn’t be scanned again until 12 weeks unless I bled.  So many people told me to phone up and lie to get another scan when Dot was big enough to be able to see the heartbeat but I am a firm believer in not tempting fate.  I knew if I lied that I was asking for a bleed.  Luckily I didn’t bleed.  This was a HUGE relief as I actually bled with both boys for a little while.  I decided not to think too much about whether or not there would be a baby at the end of it but did start taking a few bump photos.  This was all I did.  I didn’t want to talk about being pregnant with anybody and managed to keep it a secret from nearly everybody and it remained that way until I announced things after my 12 week scan.


Dot’s Development

Dot has gone from being the size of a pea at 6 weeks to the size of a lime at 11.  A LOT has happened in such a short space of time.  Every week Dot doubled in size and started to look less like a tadpole and gain more of a baby shape.  At 7 weeks over 100 brain cells were being generated per minute and arms and leg buds were starting to appear.  At 8 weeks the arm and leg buds started to move, the tail disappeared and webbed fingers and toes formed.  At 9 weeks facial features started to form and Dot went from being an embryo to a fully fledged foetus!  At 10 weeks cartilage, hair and nails started to form and Dot was apparently having a right old party in there as movements became more frequent, all the vital organs were formed and started to function.  At 11 weeks, tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds formed.  It really is amazing to think that actually happens in my womb and that it all came from a little collection of cells.

How I’m Feeling

In the early weeks it was mainly just fear.  At about 5 weeks I started to get some stabbing pains behind my pubic bone and despite it being quite common for the pelvic muscles to shift around earlier if you have been pregnant before they still scanned me to check that it wasn’t an eptopic pregnancy.  Everything was perfect in the scan but I didn’t get much relief from it.  It was too early for a visible heartbeat and just seeing one would have been massively reassuring.  I went to the midwife at 8 weeks to get booked in and we had a really good chat.  She was absolutely lovely and I’m a bit peeved that she was just a temporary one whilst they rearranged the way things work in my area.  She managed to offer some reassurance and I went home feeling a lot happier.  I had been having some nausea up to this point but at about 9 weeks it really kicked in.  For every waking hour I felt sick.  Gaviscon helped with heartburn at bed time and helped me fall asleep and have a few hours without feeling sick.

Between weeks 7 and 9 I had a number of migraines.  I only get them in early pregnancy and this time they were slightly different.  Before I would go numb down one side including my face, mouth and throat but this time I would go extremely dizzy and a bit out of my body.  I would see an arm swing next to my body and then realise it was mine whilst hearing things as if underwater.  Then came the splitting headache where I had no choice but to sleep.  Luckily the hubby was around to take the boys for me so I could sleep them off.

Up until about 11 weeks I was able to hide any signs of a little bump but then the bloat kicked in.  People that knew about Dot started commenting on the fact that I was showing and that it was a really good sign and apparently morning all day sickness is a good sign so I was starting to feel a bit more positive.  As the date of the scan approached I started to get nervous.  I was still a little bit in denial and it didn’t help that when I was pregnant with the boys I had been scanned every two weeks in the first trimester so this time I didn’t have that reassurance.

What’s Next?

The next pregnancy post will start with proper bump photos, the bloat has started to settle so hopefully it will be all Dot!  It will also include my much dreaded 12 week scan, my thoughts on Gender and my reasons for not telling the boys.

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