Pregnancy – Week 17

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Dot’s Development

Dot continues to grow at a rate of knots.  The soft rubbery cartilage starts forming into proper bones and the movements become more noticeable.  Sometimes at this stage it just feels like a rolling sensation or a soft flutter.  Dot will start to put on a little bit of fat now but it’s really in the last few weeks that they pack on the pounds.

How I’m Feeling

Much better.  The scan on Wednesday was very reassuring and the fact that Dot has grown and is healthy meant a lot to me.  I was disappointed about not finding out the gender but also very happy at having seen it.  I was starting to go a bit crazy, thinking it was all my imagination and there would be no baby at the end but at least now I’ve seen everything is going in the right direction!

I had the GP on Thursday and heard Dot’s heartbeat.  After being such a little scamp on Wednesday the Doctor was able to find it straight away and have a good listen.  Everything else is fine except I might have a UTI.  I doubt it’s anything worth needing anti biotics for as I’ve had no symptoms, I just had some white cells pop up in my sample.  The Doctor also booked me in for a full blood count at 20 weeks because I am so prone to anemia.

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The Boys

After the scan we sat the boys down and explained that there was indeed a baby in my tummy.  They didn’t really care so we didn’t force the issue and decided we have 23 weeks to get them used to it.  The next day however, whilst I was driving we had this conversation

Spud – “So there is a baby in your tummy”

Me – “Yes Spud”

Spud – “But how did it get there?”

Me – “Daddy and Mummy decided they wanted a baby”

Spud – “Yes Mummy but HOW did it get there?”

Me – “Daddy put it there”

Spud – “How did Daddy put it there?”

Me (slightly sweating) – “He gave me a really big cuddle”

Spud – “Oh.”

He then proceeded to tell my dad on the phone that “daddy squished it in.”  After a little chat I worked out that he thought there was a full size baby in my tummy and that it had started off full sized.  I sat him down and showed him the very first scan picture of Dot and explained that it started out as a little seed and is now about 5 inches long but that it has to grow before it can come out.  He seems to “get” it and has told me a number of times that it has to grow.

He wanted to take pictures to school so I printed them off on Friday for him.  He also has in his head that it’s a girl and will tell anybody that asks!  Let’s hope he isn’t disappointed next week!

Countdown to….

Wednesday and the gender rescan!

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