Pregnancy – Week 15

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Dot’s Development

Apparently at 15 weeks Dot will start to hear things.  Probably really loud sounds from the outside world and then all the noises that occur inside my body.  Although it’s eyes aren’t open yet they become sensitive to light and now that all the joints and limbs can move it will be one wriggly baby.

How I’m Feeling

Not too bad.  Still sick but I’m not even surprised!  After all the body image issues I was starting to feel really low until I went shopping with my Mum and bought some size 12 maternity jeans from Mamas & Papas.  They are actually a little bit too big for me so rather than sob I was having a little happy dance in the changing room.  The bloat has definitely subsided and I only have a small bump rather than looking 8 months pregnant already!

I *think* I have been feeling some movements but then think perhaps it could be tickly wind.  I can’t wait for the big walloping kicks that take me by surprise they offer a lot of reassurance and I’m still a bit worried about miscarriage.


The Boys

They still don’t *officially* know but Spud still wants a dog.  And Spike, well you can see for yourself what Spike thinks!

Countdown to….

Big movements and finding out the gender!

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