Pregnancy – Week 14

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Dot’s Development

We are into the second trimester!  Dot’s kidneys, liver and spleen have started to work and as amniotic fluid gets swallowed it passes into the stomach and is passed back out as urine.  It is still doubling in size every week and is now about 8.5cm long!  The websites all say that it will be sucking its thumb and doing lots of toe and finger wriggling but we saw all of that at the 12 week scan, maybe Dot is a little genius already!

How I’m Feeling

Yep you’ve guessed it – sick.  I’ve worked out that even though sweet things make it worse, pretty much any food kicks it off.  It’s not like I can not eat food because it also starts if I get too hungry.  My mum bought me some ginger from Holland and Barrett but all that did was burn my tongue and I still felt sick afterwards.  The body image issues from last week are still there, I’m still bloated and I think that is playing a huge part in it.  It has made me really consider what I eat this time.  With Spike all I did was eat and ended up gaining 3 stone.  I never got back to my pre pregnancy weight before falling pregnant with Dot so that’s also a factor.

Snacking helps the nausea ease sometimes so I have been keeping my eyes open for easy snacks that are healthy.  Up until the body image issues started it was easy just to grab a packet of ready salted crisps every time I was peckish because they were a quick snack that I didn’t have to put any effort into.  I’m hoping things like dried fruit won’t make me feel worse, I quite like dried apricots and as a source of iron they will help prevent anemia which I always get quite badly at about 20 weeks.  My mum picked me up a bag of mixed berries from Holland and Barrett when she got the ginger so I will definitely give them a try.

There is definitely a bit of a sense of relief this week, I have made it to 14 weeks!  As a reward I made my very first Dot purchase.  A little bunny teddy from Mamas and Papas.  There are no signs of anything going wrong and the symptoms are all pointing at good things.  I think positivity will start after the gender scan at 16 weeks if I see that Dot is still growing perfectly.  I sometimes wonder if my negativity about everything else (my body shape for example) is just a displacement of my fear of losing the baby, it’s something else to focus on and worry about.


The Boys

They still don’t know but whilst browsing baby clothes in Mothercare with my Mum she asked Spud if he wanted a baby.  He said “No Nana, I want a dog.”  This was followed by a chorus of “Want Dog!” from Spike.  I think they will be a bit disappointed.  I suppose it’s better than last time when I asked and Spud said he wanted a baby lion.

Countdown to…

My Dr check at 16 weeks and the gender scan!

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