Pregnancy – Week 13

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Dot’s Development

This week vocal chords and teeth are forming and even though Dot is still teeny tiny (weighing only about 25g) it has it’s very own set of finger prints.  Even from this early a person has it’s own identity!  It’s quite an important week this week as the intestines move from the umbilical cord into the abdomen.  The genitals are now forming and if Dot happens to be a girl she will already have over 2 million eggs ready for her own children.


How I’m Feeling

Still sick!  At the moment I think that perhaps every week until Dot is born I will be giving the same update!  My mum is on the look out for everything and anything that might help and has so far come up with nothing that works.  I am still bloated and have noticed that after eating I just bloat out even more.   I know I am growing a baby and blah blah blah but I’m feeling pretty rubbish about my body shape at the moment.  I think when a I have a proper bump and I start to feel Dot move around I won’t feel so bad but having always been a size 12 I do a little sob every time I slide into my size 16 jeggings.  They are too big and there is “growing room” but it takes me back to when I first tried on jeans after having Spud and crying in Next changing rooms because I couldn’t get them over my hips.  I am only 13 weeks so my hips have an awful lot more spreading to do, I don’t want to look like a beached whale at the end of this!

Part of that is probably to do with my hormones as well.  I have noticed this week that I have been somewhat teary.  My mum had a big strop because I didn’t clean up the kitchen properly and was huffing, slamming cupboards and muttering under her breath (loudly) so I went upstairs and cried.  The Hubby is at home whilst I visit Nana and Pops and I’ve missed him a lot more than I usually do, to the extent that I get into bed at night and cry!


Counting down to…

Fourteen weeks.  Even though the last baby stopped developing at 7, I lost it at fourteen so it’s quite a prominent milestone in my head.  Once I’m past that I think I will relax a bit more and just look forward to the gender scan at 16 weeks.

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