Pregnancy – Week 12

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Dot’s Development 

At 12 weeks the critical systems are formed but Dot is still growing rapidly.  Apparently reflexes have started and if we were to poke Dot there would be a reaction.  It looks a lot more like a little human with moving fingers and toes.  The risk of miscarriage decreases by a substantial amount which is why after the 12 week scan it is usually safe to announce the pregnancy.


How I’m Feeling

Sick.  It’s as simple as that.  The nausea hasn’t eased but I have worked out that sweet things like chocolate, Starbucks and Coca Cola (my three favourite things!) make it worse.  I was exhausted for a while and did have a few naps but it made my sleep at night pretty rubbish.  Soldiering through and just having an early night seems to work better but it does mean I have been asleep before 9pm some nights!  During my pregnancy with Spike I used to get quite bad hip cramp during the night and this has started already.  I’m still fairly bloated so look about 6 months pregnant already and my jeans are a bit tight.


The Scan

I was crapping myself.  I’m not going to lie.  The Hubby thought I was being silly and worrying over nothing but held my hand all the same.  The sonographer started by looking at the screen turned away and the Hubby sneaked a peek.  He looked at me, smiled and held up two fingers telling me it was twins.  This was my worst fear after nothing being in there at all!  The sonographer smiled and turned the screen so I could see our ONE little Dot looking a lot bigger than it did 7 weeks ago.  Being a true child of mine it was stubborn as hell having a right little party kicking it’s legs out and putting it’s hands behind it’s neck so that the sonographer couldn’t get a neck measurement for the nuchal test.  After a lot of hip wiggling and a lot of shots of Dot turning it’s back completely on the scanner she finally got the measurement and a good picture for us.  The dates were spot on so my due date stayed at 05/10/13.  I walked away with a huge smile on my face and a massive sense of relief.  Yes we still have a long way to go but at least now I know there is actually something in there and it’s growing well!



We are going to find out the gender of Dot as soon as we can.  My main reason is so that I can say I am expecting a boy/girl rather than having to face the whole “oh are you hoping for a girl this time?!”  I’m going to write a post just for gender but thought I would put now that even though I actually want a boy, the girl comments really annoy me! I would love a girl.  I have done the blue thing twice and I will openly admit to being disappointed when I found out Spike was a boy but now that I have them the thought of a girl terrifies me.  I see my friends with toddler girls having a much rougher time than I have with my boys and I know what I was like as a teenager so I’m not entirely sure I could cope with a girl!  If at our scan the sonographer says “Boy” I think I will feel relief rather than disappointment, at least I know what i’m doing with boys!

The Boys

We keep being asked if we have told the boys and at the moment it’s still a no.  Spud is starting to understand the whole baby thing and whilst it’s still early I’d rather leave it until a bit later before all the questions start.  Also my friend is pregnant and told her son early on.  He is now determined that he wants a baby brother and she thinks there will be tears if she has a girl.  At least if I wait until we know Dot’s flavour I won’t be giving the boys a choice – I can say “you have having a baby brother” or “you are having a baby sister!”

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