How to manage your cashflow

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Being a parent is hard enough, being a single parent is even more difficult. If you have to balance looking after one or more children with doing a job of some description to fund your situation, then it gets really complicated.

It is not surprising that despite in many cases being happy as a family, the financial burden will frustrate even the mentally toughest of people. We never know what is around the corner and it only takes for the trusted old motor to breakdown or a leak in the roof and the carefully managed pennies suddenly look far from sufficient.

Instant cash measures

If you have a nice bank manager they may be inclined to let you stray over your balance for an agreed amount, but they will almost certainly want to see your wage slips in this situation. Many people have turned to instant cash measures; you may have seen the adverts on the television. This is a tempting way to generate a new source of funds within minutes and may well get you past your present emergency. However, you do need to be fully aware of what that process involves.

A legitimate company should have a code of responsible lending and also be very clear on how the terms and conditions apply. Interest rates are not low, but the short lending period and minimal amounts mean that it may actually be viable, but only in the short-term.

As with any loan, you have to keep to the agreement and understand the charges to avoid added administration costs and further interest. This form of borrowing is becoming more popular, but would only be available if you can prove your means of income. Find out more about responsible lending here.

Thinking outside the box

Sometimes it is a case of being inventive and thinking laterally to find alternative solutions. Whichever route you decide to take, always be aware of the future as well as the present. Try to be prepared so that you have a plan of some kind in place for when the next financial emergency arises. Any form of borrowing has to be repaid and unless it is from a kind benefactor, it will incur interest.

If you are secure in the knowledge that your regular income will continue to be available, then a sensible loan from a responsible lender may be able to help you get that car replaced or a new washing machine, rather than stagger on paying repair bills that could cost more in the long run. Visit this website for more information.


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