Guest Post – Family and Finances: Finding The Balance

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

As delightful and joyful as having a family can be, it’s not without its share of difficulties. The biggest example of this arguably has to be the financial side.

Everyone has their own problems and unexpected occurrences when it comes to money, but this is arguably heightened in family life. Extra members and children result in extra costs, expenses and all manner of financial aspects worthy of consideration. So, what is a parent to do in such a situation?

Going Over

The main goal in any financing, be it doing the weekly shopping or working out a budget, is to keep below the bottom line. In short, it’s a constant aim to make sure you don’t sink into your bank overdraft. The affects this can cause will arguably depend on your bank; if you’ve agreed on an overdraft limit you likely have information telling you what to expect, but in other, worst case scenarios your card could be denied in future.

As such, it’s always recommended you try and stay a little above this wherever possible. If you see your bank account dipping and payday isn’t around the corner, it’s usually a good sign to reel back on unnecessary expenses. This might not go down well with the children but it’s for the greater good; additional overdraft debts are not pleasant to deal with when money is already scarce and you can find more information on bank overdrafts here.

Dealing With Sudden Expenses

Since going into your overdraft isn’t always a recommended option, what choices do you have? If the cost is serious enough, it may warrant borrowing a small loan. Big loans and credit cards might seem like the obvious answer but these usually incur significant debts. Rather than risk this, you should look at smaller-scale loans that better suit your actual needs. Talking to a company like Loans could help to ensure you make the right decision for your specific needs.

This is more benefit primarily because you’re borrowing a smaller amount. This can address a variety of issues that couldn’t otherwise wait, whilst keeping the borrowed funds down to a minimum. This usually makes it quicker and easier to pay off, since there’s less money and less time for interest to accumulate. Forward planning is essential, however, so check to see if you can afford these repayments otherwise you’ll risk ending up in a situation similar to being overdrawn.

It’s not much but this should hopefully help to give you some advice. Whilst family life can often be about spending money, a strong financial sensibility can help to reduce and cut the unnecessary, major costs in addition to finding the best solutions that don’t leave you in a worse situation.


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