What’s your flavour?!

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I’m not going to go all Craig David on you, it’s a question I have been asking Dot for weeks now.  We have (finally) hit 16 weeks and tomorrow we are going to have a private scan to tell us Dot’s gender!

It’s the question on everyone’s lips.  Pink or blue?  Brother or sister? Sparkle or Sparrow?


I’ve tried not to talk about it with too many people because everyone assumes I want a girl and I really don’t want to hear their condolences if we have another boy.  Truth be told I’m kinda hoping the sonographer says Boy tomorrow but at the end of the day a healthy baby is what we want the most.

Yes fair enough a girl would be lovely.  I’ve done the blue thing twice and I would love to experience the pink, princessy bits with dresses and long hair but at the same time I don’t want to experience the little madam that I know will come with it.

I know myself pretty well and I’m not entirely sure I would cope that brilliantly with a girl.  I have always been a spoilt little brat, a daddy’s girl, a little princess – basically someone who gets her own way.  To have to experience the other side of those traits is not something I wish upon myself!

On the other hand I have a fantastic relationship with my mum and I would love to have that with a daughter.  After all

“A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life”

My brother has buggered off with his wife to Texas.  She does hear from him weekly but only sees him once or twice a year.  I phone her daily sometimes 3 or 4 times a day and despite living 300 miles away try to see her every 8 weeks or so.  I would love a little girl who still needs her mummy at 26 to help with cooking even though she married a chef!

Also for my boys I would like a girl.  I have my big boy and I have my baby boy.  What will Spike become if there is a third boy?  The middle boy?

From this rambling you can see WHY I need to find out!

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