Dot’s Gender – The results aren’t in!

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So we went for our Gender scan today.  I woke up at 6am really nervous but couldn’t work out if it was the impending scan or the fact that I was having my wisdom tooth taken out at 10.30am!  The morning sailed by with the tooth extraction only taking a very painless 5 minutes and I excitedly counted down the hours until the scan.


The scan started really well, the sonographer was a lovely lady who made us feel very at home and asked us lots of questions about preference and if I had any inkling at what it might be.  Then the trouble started.  Dot had it’s bum wedged really low in my pelvis.  I was asked to jump up and down, wriggle my hips and basically give Dot a good old shake in the hope that it would move.  It didn’t.  I was asked to fill my bladder whilst she scanned another lady.


This time Dot had moved.  It was in a perfect position to be scanned but as soon as the sonographer put the scanner in the right area Dot clamped it’s legs together.  After more jiggling, wriggling and poking Dot opened it’s legs but started putting it’s hands, feet and then the cord  in the way of the goodies.  After about ten minutes we were given the choice of having another go after a quick break or just rebooking.


We opted to have a quick go knowing that we had to get the boys from school so it really would be quick but yet again had no luck.  Just when we would think we had a good view Dot would put a hand or foot in the way or clamp it’s legs shut.  We have always known that I breed stubborn children but Dot takes it to a whole new level!  We did get some good pictures and even got to have a sneaky peak at 4d.  I wasn’t too keen as I don’t think Dot looks enough like a chubby baby to produce good 4d pictures and it looks a lot like a limbless alien!


We have been rebooked for next week so hopefully next week I will come baring actual news!

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