The decorating bug or nesting?!

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

After spending 2 weeks at my parents house I have been inspired! I got to go shopping with my Mum whilst she chose all the bits and pieces to decorate her house and even got to have some input on the choices. I seem to have caught the decorating bug.

Now every room that I go in has become a project. I am desperately trying to squirrel some money away to get our house looking nice because the only other option would be to research the best credit cards. Perhaps it’s just a phase or perhaps I am nesting!

We have been sent paint to review for the boys room which will be started next week and we will be getting sent some more for the nursery when we know if we need pink or blue, so that’s those two rooms sorted. I have a number of furniture projects for the nursery that will be done when we know how we are decorating, including turning a tall bookcase into a wardrobe!

Since changing our bedroom around and adding a few nice touches it only needs curtains and a set of shelves and it is finished. Whilst showering the other day I had an overwhelming urge to paint the bathroom bright green but have decided to settle with just bright green and bright pink accessories to liven it up a little bit. I have found a great range in Argos that won’t cost me and arm and a leg.

Moving on to downstairs, the living room was done recently with my choosing a scheme and buying accessories to match. I would like to make some changes but at the moment it’s fine. The study is my favourite place in the house but we do need something at the window as it’s also the most exposed room of the house – not so good for home security!


The kitchen has just been renovated and it looks great! I love that it no longer feels like ive walked back in time when I go in there to cook and the new oven is AMAZING! Pinterest has inspired me to do an art wall for the things the boys bring home from work so the hallway is sorted and thats everything pretty much covered. PHEW I have a lot of work to do!


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