Curtains, Curtains Everywhere…..

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

……well, there will be!

Being at my Mum’s house and helping her to decorate the lounge seems to have inspired me.  She gave me her old curtains so that we can take down the lovely 1970’s MOD curtains in our bedroom and actually start to make the place look nice.  Upon returning to my house I had a little walk around looking in all the rooms and made a little plan in my head of what I wanted to do.  I realised that only the boys room and living room have proper curtains that I like and aren’t MOD issue.

The study has one curtain which gets pulled across both windows at night purely to stop people being able to see in when they walk past, there are none in the kitchen, blinds in the toilet and bathroom and none in the junk room/nursery.  Adding something as simple as curtains really makes a room look nice so why haven’t I bothered?


My mum got her new curtains for £16,, it’s not like they break the bank.  I love privacy so we have nets up in our bedroom and a vertical blind in the living room.  The living room curtains are purely decorative and never get closed.  The bathroom blinds never get closed either because the window is a high one and with frosted glass nobody would be able to see anything juicy.

Now all I can think about is curtains and window measurements!  We can’t really paint or wallpaper so they should help finish our rooms and I can’t wait to get started!  Just don’t tell the Hubby that he has to start doing DIY!



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