Spud turns 4!

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About a month ago I asked Spud what he wanted to do for his birthday.  His first answer was a party.  I’m not going to lie my heart sank but within 5 minutes he piped up that he wanted to go to Legoland Windsor.  I took that as his final answer and he phoned Nana to ask her if she wanted to come as well.

For weeks we counted down the days and he got more and more excited.  Even his teachers at school got involved with the countdown and on the Wednesday before his birthday he knew we were going to Nana’s straight from school.  He was literally clawing at his face in excitement and ran out of school without even saying goodbye to his best friend.


The journey to Reading was painless which was surprising as we hit Bristol at rush hour.  There was no traffic and we arrived in time for dinner.  Both Spud and Spike love going to Nana’s house so when we arrived they were like whirling dervishes despite being hungry and it nearing bedtime.

On the night before his birthday I tucked him into bed and told him that he was going to be 4 the next day, he was extremely excited and started talking about when he was a baby in my tummy.  I did get a bit worried that it was leading to a “how did I come out” type question but he simply said “you went to the Dr and I just popped right out! (If only it were that easy!)

He woke up at about 7am and bounded around with a HUGE grin on his face.  We were due to leave for Legoland really early so he opened his presents before breakfast.  He had been asking for Lego so was chuffed to get some and him and Spike both loved the Batman costumes.  So much so that it has been a struggle to get Spike out of his over the past week!


We headed off to Legoland with two very excited boys and endured many games of spot the car lorry and spot the digger along the way.  When we got off the motorway I told them to look out for little Lego people and immediately both were silent.  The concentration was immense!  When we finally turned into the park entrance the boys were both staring wide-eyed at all the little features that line the road up to the park.  The hotel wasn’t there the last time we visited and even I was staring awestruck.  It never fails to impress me that they either make everything out of Lego or make it look like it is!  Even a blinking great big building that you stay in!


The rest of the day flew by in a whirl with Spud enjoying most of the rides with his Pops.  It rained on and off all day but he didn’t let it ruin his fun.  Even Spike went on a little rollercoaster which I didn’t think he would enjoy but as soon as it stopped he looked up and said “go again?!”


The Hubby had never been to Legoland before so he was mightily impressed with everything.  The Atlantis submarine ride has had sharks added to the tanks so the boys loved seeing those and big Sting Rays swim past the windows whilst trying to spot the Lego fish and ruins of Atlantis.


Spud loved getting his driving license.  He took it really seriously bless him and was actually a pretty good driver.  At this point Spike had a MAJOR meltdown because he was tired and he didn’t understand why he couldn’t go in the cars as well.  Stupidly I hadn’t taken a dummy with me so it meant carrying around a thrashing two-year old that wouldn’t sit in the buggy that we hired.


Both boys enjoyed the shop at the end and I even got myself a couple of key rings.  Spud chose a construction set with a lorry and a digger and Spike chose a fire station Duplo set.  Since getting home both boys have played none stop with Lego and Spike has made me lots of fortresses like this:


Both boys slept in the car and were pretty much ready for bed as soon as we got home but Spud had candles to blow out.  My mum and I had made his cake when he was out earlier in the week so he had no idea what it was but was thrilled when he did see it!


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