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You will have noticed that we have lacked the mandatory snow pictures this year.  That’s because we haven’t had any.  No I don’t live in a nice warm country with lots of bright sunshine we just live too close to the sea for snow to stick around.  We’ve made it all the way to March without even a hint of snow and now we finally have some!  It’s not settling and it’s windy as hell out there but the fact that it’s actual snow is good enough for me.  We haven’t seen snow since Spud was 21 months old and I was pregnant with Spike!


Considering it’s March and the weather had been getting milder suddenly we have been hit with Baltic temperatures.  We walked out of the house this morning and were hit by a wall of bitterly cold wind on our faces.  With little yelps from Spike’s and a constant chorus of “I’m chilly mummy” from Spud we battled our way to the car for the school run.

I will say I felt a bit smug arriving at school to see all of my mum friends freezing their butts off, one told me her kids were so cold on the school run that they cried every time the wind hit their faces.  I did feel a bit bad then but relished in the fact that we had chosen to drive!

I do have a chuckle at what seems to happen to the UK in weather. The roads and the town centre were empty because people were scared of a tiny bit of snow.  We left the house like we do every day wearing coats and carrying hats and things in school bags.  It was odd going from seeing kids in their spring coats to them being back in big thick winter coats with hats and scarfs and gloves.  Some people really did take the idea of snow a bit too far; there were kids in snow boots, kids in ugg boots and kids in wellies.  Some looked like they were ready to conquer Everest.  Poor Spud was stood there in his coat and Converse!

The snow won’t settle.  It will leave quicker than it came and I will again have a disappointed 3-year-old that just wants to build a snowman already!  Hopefully there will be a little bit of snow in Reading this weekend when we go and visit Nana and Pops for Spud’s 4 (FOURTH!) birthday!


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