Mother’s Day

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I have written before about how Mother’s Day can sometimes be an almighty fail in this household but now that the boys are in childcare it seems I am one spoilt mummy!

On the Friday before Mother’s Day I was handed a slip saying that all female relatives were invited to school for snack and story time to celebrate Mother’s Day.  I walked up to school expecting just to join in with ordinary school activities and was greeted by Spud who led me to a table.


The whole room was laid out like a mini restaurant and all the pre school children were lined up to be our waiters.  When everyone had arrived the little people all handed out cups and plates.  Then came the cake!  Big slices of chocolate cake!


I felt utterly spoilt and just wanted to give Spud the biggest hug.  He gave me a card he made at school and a plant and Spike also made me a lovely card so it was the best Mother’s Day yet!  The Hubby didn’t totally forget he did help the boys to choose a card on Moonpig and provided me with a big bar of chocolate.


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