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When we first moved into this house I took one look at the kitchen and asked the housing officer if there were any plans for them to be redone.  Our house in Scotland had been given a brand new kitchen just before we moved in and looking at the 1970s style cabinets in the new house depressed me.  To make matters worse it was in really bad condition with cupboards hanging at odd angles and drawers getting stuck half out.  The housing officer said it wasn’t in that years budget because we had just been given a new bathroom but that he was sure it would be soonish.  He then turned around and said if we phoned maintenance about it there was no guarantee we would get replacement parts that matched.  We could end up with a badly mismatched kitchen that included green (!) cupboards!  I covered the skanky cupboards with toddler art and even spent the day with Spud painting a whole selection of pictures to try and hide the drab woodwork.

Fast forward two years and rumours started circulating that we would be getting new kitchens.  This made a lot of people VERY excited and when the letter landed on our mat I let out a little happy dance.  Not only were we getting new kitchens but we were also getting the panels removed from our downstairs toilet and having them replaced by a wall because it let too much of a draft in AND a new boiler and heating system.  With a proposed start date of October I started planning how to accessorize the new kitchen and loved that Spud might actually stop refusing to use the downstairs loo because it is “chilly.”

Well October came and went and we heard that they had only just started on the streets that were meant to start during the summer so we knew we wouldn’t be done for a while.  A letter dropped through about 6 weeks ago saying that the kitchen surveyor was coming to measure up and book us in.  He came and explained our new layout and design saying that we would have proper plumbing for two appliances and that the wasted space that we currently had would be filled with cupboards giving us a lot more storage.  We got a letter through about 2 days later saying it was due to start on 21st March and could we have the kitchen cleared.

Here is where the chaos began.  On Wednesday the Hubby and I spent the day clearing out the kitchen.  Who would have though such a small room could hold so much stuff!  We have things everywhere!  We have boxes in the garage, bags on food in the study and a little make shift kitchen area for the kettle and microwave next to the Hubby’s desk.


But the job was done and the kitchen was cleared.  We had been told that we could leave our washing machine and oven in but that the fridge had to be removed.  Following the letter to the word our kitchen looked like this on the Thursday morning.


Spike and I got up bright and early on the Thursday to prepare the rest of the house for the onslaught of builders and they arrived at about 8.30am.  First they said the washing machine had to go and that they would take it to the garage for me.  I let them in only to be met by another builder asking me if the fuse box was in the garage.  It is.  At the back.  Our garage was rammed to the rafters and kitchen bits including our dishwasher and now washing machine blocked all paths.  It turned out we were also getting new smoke alarms and a new electrical fuse box.  Thanks for the notice on that one!

The work started and boy did they make noise.  They had to rip everything out including the ceiling so there was no need to be careful whilst doing it.  Spike started freaking out so we went upstairs to hide and ended up tidying his bedroom whilst they worked.  At 9.30am the house went silent.  I went downstairs to see our kitchen had been completely annihilated except for the sink but no sign of any workmen.  About 20 minutes later the electricians arrived and explained that the other workers had finished their job so now they were there to sort out sockets and smoke alarms.  They replaced our old smoke alarms and fitted two new ones, another carbon monoxide alarm and a heat sensor in the kitchen.  I tell you, our house is not going to burn down with that many alarms!

Once they had finished the plasterers arrived to do the ceiling.  At about 4.30pm they left saying they would be back to do the walls the next day.  On Friday they arrived bright and early and did the walls as promised.  That was it for the weekend.  We were left with this.


It is only a few days so please don’t mistake this post for a moan.  It’s a bit of an adventure living out of a box in the study and for the first day I didn’t mind.  Now the dust is getting to me big time.  It’s EVERYWHERE!  Tonight I picked up a baby bottle from the shelf in the study and could just feel a thick layer of dust coating it.  Spike seems to be ok with the upheaval and quite likes sneaking off to the study to help himself to food, he doesn’t want to go into the kitchen which is handy!  He did however manage to knock over a large photo frame that the builders had taken off the wall in the hallway and to add to the dust I had a shed load of glass to try to clean up!


I had mentioned getting rid of the frame and the Hubby didn’t want to so he is now claiming sabotage. I sent a photo of the kitchen to Spud at Nana’s house and he was most confused about where the cupboards and floor had gone!  Hopefully by the time he comes back it’ll be done!

Fingers crossed the carpenter comes back tomorrow as I am definitely going to struggle without a washing machine for another week.

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