Technology and the Elderly

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

It’s not often that I talk about my Great Grandmother.  If I talk about her, I think about her and I can’t get the memory of saying goodbye out of my mind.  Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t gone to the hospital to see her and that I hadn’t been with her when she died.  It is purely a selfish thing to wish and I feel awful for ever thinking it but at least my lasting memories of her would be good ones.

Dear old Dotty is a hard person for everybody to talk about.  My Dad cried when we were talking about her last time and now nearly 2 years after her death everybody is still massively affected by it.

However it is nice to talk to my mum who remembers all the good things, like Dotty filling her sleeves up with Quality Street papers at Christmas and then stealthily depositing them into the bin when she thought nobody was looking and how she slurred that she had never been drunk, except for one time after the war with her 3rd glass of Baileys in her hand.  She was great.  My mum is able to make me remember all the good things by reminding me of the little things that we all loved.

I fondly remember going to stay with her after my GCSE’s and her waking me up most nights when she rolled in from Bingo.  She loved the Bingo and was always sending me the prizes that she had won.  It was great for her to go and socialise with all of her friends and to get out the house for a couple of hours a week.

By the time she reached her 90’s she struggled to go to the Bingo because her hearing and eyesight had deteriorated and she just couldn’t keep up with the caller.  My mum had a great idea to set her up on  Purely under supervision she was able to have a flutter and still enjoy the bingo side of it despite not being able to hang out with her friends.

The thought of her on a computer scares me silly, my mum can’t even cope with technology but apparently she had great fun and would ask my mum if they could go and have a play whenever she came over to stay.  I do love that technology suits young and old and enables people to do things that in previous years would have been impossible.


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