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When Next asked us if we would like to review from their Younger Boys clothing section I dragged Spud to the PC and told him to help me choose some new clothes for him.  I am not the biggest fan of the Next website, it is quite complicated and I often end up going around in circles but with Spud there to distract the annoyance we started browsing through.


Spud has a pretty good eye for fashion and there was a lot of choice so it did take us a while but he eventually settled on some skinny jeans, a striped polo shirt and red trainers for him and a long-sleeved ti shirt, jeans and blue trainers for Spike.  We sent our order through and less than 24 hours later there was a knock on the door.


The shoes weren’t in stock at the time of ordering so they didn’t arrive in the first package but the boys were VERY excited about new clothes coming in the post so unsurprisingly wanted to put them on straight away.  I ordered 4-5 for Spud and 2-3 for Spike and the sizing is pretty good.  Some shops are really annoying and size massively or tiny so to actually have clothes that fit properly is a novelty!


When their shoes arrived just a few days later the boys were equally excited and were wearing them with their pyjamas for most of our lazy morning!


I was just as impressed as the boys by our Next haul the quality of the clothes is great.  I’m not as impressed by the shoes, the white tongue on Spud’s red trainers has been stained red by the velcro strap and Spike has managed to scuff his quite badly.  I guess I have learnt not to buy suede shoes for toddlers!


The clothes have been washed and tumble dried a fair few times since we got them and are still as good as new so the clothes are excellent value for money.



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