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Now that Spud goes to a Pre School that is attached to the local Primary School, scooters are EVERYWHERE.  I think about 70% of children now scoot to school and the school even have designated scooter parking.  Of course as any 3 year old would, Spud decided that he wanted to join in on the action.  Every time we asked him what he wanted from Santa he would say a scooter.  Santa came early for Spud when in November last year a sparkly new Mini Micro Scooter arrived addressed to him.


Micro Scooter don’t use external packaging when posting out scooters, as one way to save the environment, so Spud knew immediately what it was an literally bit the couriers hand off.  He was ecstatic and desperately tried to rip open the box whilst I tried to calm him down and do it slowly.  Luckily there isn’t a lot of “putting together” to be done and it was simply a case of popping the handle pole into the base.  Spud received the special edition red, white and blue Micro Scooter which a Union Jack handlebar bag included.  (There will be more about that in the accessories review!)  Straight away he was off and because the Mini Micro Scooter is aimed at 3-5 year olds it was the perfect size for him.


From a “parent with her safety hat on’s perspective, I absolutely love that Mini Micro Scooter’s have 3 wheels instead of two to aid balance.  The handlebar is static so if Spud wants to turn left of right he simply has to lean in the right direction and the scooter tilts.


Spud has been having great fun scooting around and it certainly makes our school run quicker if I let him take it with him.  It didn’t take him long at all to work out how it all works and has even become a dab hand at using the brake when going downhill!  It is lightweight enough that he can carry or push it up the hill on his own whilst I push Spike in the pram.


Mini Micro Scooter’s are priced from £49.95 and the quality is fantastic.  Even though the age bracket is 3-5 I think there will be plenty of life left in it after those 2 years.  They offer a range of products from the Mini Micro Seat to Stunt Scooters with scooters for all ages from 1 year to adulthood.  Their range of accessories is massive but we will touch more on that in the accessories review (you can see from the pictures that he has been spoilt with those!)


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