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Both Spud and Spike adore their Micro Scooters.  Just when they thought they couldn’t get any better they were introduced to the Micro Scooter accessory range.


One thing you should know about the range is that it is HUGE.  I was going to list everything that they had to offer but instead will point you in the direction of the accessory section on their website where you can see for yourself the massive amount of choice for pimping a ride.

Micro Scooter offer accessories to suit all of the types of scooters that they sell.  From ramps for the stunt scooters to Attach-Its and stickers to personalise the 3-in-1 Mini Micro Scooter with seat.  Every child can inject their own personality onto their scooter and produce a unique one just for them.

Now as I said in the Mini Micro Scooter review the Limited Edition Red White and Blue scooter comes with a Union Jack bag, the reason I left it for this review to delve deeper is because the Micro Bags are also available separately.  The Mini Micro bags are priced at £14.95 and slot securely onto the handlebar pole of the scooter.  They are easily detachable and come with adjustable rucksack type straps so they become totally portable when you reach a destination that perhaps the scooter can not enter.  The quality is great, it is made from a strong, durable material and fastens securely with Velcro.  Spud has managed to fit a fair amount into his including a drink so it’s perfect for all those essentials that you need to take scooting.

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Spud is also a big fan of the Hobby Headz.  You basically turn your scooter into a Dragon, Horse or Giraffe.  The Hobby Headz slot over the handle bars and velcro down the sides with some pretty strong velcro and hey presto let your imagination run wild.  The Hobby Headz Dragon has been fantastic during the winter months when Spud wants nothing more that to scoot around but is restricted to the house.  I have lost count of the amount of times that Spud has chased Spike whilst riding his Dragon!  The quality is fantastic and makes the £19.95 price tag seem too low.

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Next up we have the Scoot’n’Pull – known in this house as the life saver.  It does what it says on the tin and is basically a strap that attaches to the handlebar of the scooter enabling you to pull it along.  We live at the bottom of a valley and the school is at the top so the school run is pretty gruelling and a 3-year-old trying to scoot up hill is a nightmare.  With a little help from me pulling the scooter whilst Spud scoots we get there at a normal pace without the risk of going so slow we are actually going backwards.  You can also hook the handle over the back wheel when it’s not in use to enable you to carry it – this feature is perfect if your child scoots to school but you don’t want to leave the scooter there.  The Scoot’n’Pull is available in a variety of colours for £6.99.

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One of my favourite accessories, from a safety perspective, are the Scooterearz.  With gloves on Spud loses the grip of the handlebars and it makes it harder for him to scoot.  Scooterearz are like big mittens that hook over the handles and create a little hand muff for him.  His skin is still touching the rubber of the handle for grip but his hands are kept warm and snuggly on the fluffy insides of the Scooterearz.  The pop on and off easily and are weatherproof so protect little hands from the wind and rain.  Scooterearz retail for £14.95.

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Other accessories that both boys love are the Attach-Its and the Scoobits.  The Attach-Its enable us to take favourite toys with us without me having to carry them and without them getting lost.  You simply attach it to the scooter!   They are only £2.95 and I would much rather spend that than have to deal with a lost toy!

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The Scoobits are fun little accessories that personalise the scooter and with the reflective ones add a little bit of safety if out when it’s a bit dark.  They are priced from £3.99 and are a funky little toy for little ones to collect.


I absolutely love the sheer amount of choice that Micro Scooter offer in their accessory range and it is certainly helpful when I can’t decide what to get the boys for Birthday’s and Christmas’.  Just like all Micro Scooter products the quality is top notch and everything is total value for money.



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