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Occasionally I get to review things that are for me and it gets me very excited.  To feed my superhero addiction I immediately jumped at the chance to review an 8gb Marvel USB key.  There are 4 Avengers to choose from and two Classic Marvel in the shape of Spiderman and Wolverine.  All 6 of them come in a choice of 4gb or 8gb data capacity.

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It was very much a lucky dip and when the package arrived I came face to face with Capitan America.


I quickly opened him up to give him a thorough once over (oh how I wish it really was writing that about the ACTUAL Captain America – that’s a whole other post!)  The quality is pretty good.  The styling is accurate to the character but I would definitely say that it’s the sort of USB key that sits on your desk rather than gets taken everywhere in a bag or laptop case.  Unlike the character he is based on, I don’t think he would survive a good beating.  My Captain America is a desk dweller and as you can see he spends his time hanging out with Batman and Catwoman.


The USB connector slides out using a little button on the base.  For a while I thought it was a dud because I really struggled to get it back in but soon realised that you have to push the button in first which does make sense otherwise it would go into itself when trying to slot it into a USB port.  The connection itself is grey plastic surrounding the metal USB plug and it blends in nicely with the design.


When loading the data onto the stick it’s efficient and we quite often pass data across the study with a flying Captain America because it’s so quick and easy to load the data onto him.  It does make me chuckle when I plug him in and he stands looking ready to accept my data and protect it from all evil.  (It’s the little things in life!)


The Marvel Avengers 8gb USB keys retail for £11.99 and are available from Amazon and  The Avengers don’t come pre loaded with anything but if you purchase Spiderman or Wolverine from the Classic Marvel range they come with free licensed Marvel content. This includes a month’s subscription to over 10,000 Marvel digital comics, an extensive Marvel image gallery and exclusive wallpapers for Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Overall the Marvel Avengers USB keys are a quirky addition to any study with great styling and functionality.  I am now on a mission to complete the set!



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