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When Spud outgrew his first car seat we went and bought him an expensive car seat that covered groups 1-3.  I say expensive because at over £160 you would expect it to actually last from 9 months to 12 years.  Spud is about to turn 4 and for the past 6 months or so we have noticed that he really wasn’t sitting properly in the seat and when he did he looked extremely uncomfortable.  He’s not a large boy, you can see from his pictures he’s tall and slim so it not fitting at shoulder height was extremely disappointing.  If a 4-year-old can’t fit comfortably then how can I expect a 12-year-old to?!

Anyway to the point.  With this in mind we started searching for a new car seat for him.  We didn’t need to cover group 1 anymore because at 18.1kg he has just gone over the weight limit for a 5 point harness.  We came across Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro which is for the weight range 15-36kg and age range 4-12 years.  I was intrigued to see if this would better suit our needs as the tag line for it is “Fits like a glove! The “adjustable” with optimal fit at any time”  The back rest not only adjusts upwards as your child grows but the shoulder parts also go upwards and outwards giving the child a lot more space to sit comfortably.


When Kiddy asked if we would like to review the award-winning group 2-3 Crusierfix Pro we jumped at the chance and eagerly awaited delivery.  When it arrived I must admit I was sceptical.  I couldn’t believe how slim the whole seat was and Spud was at school so I couldn’t try him straight away.  Nevertheless I had a quick look over it to familiarise myself with the settings and found that all the features were extremely easy to operate without needing to reach for the instructions.  With it being a car seat and with my being extremely anal about doing them correctly I had a look at the instructions to make sure that I was right and then set about putting it into the car.


The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro has Kiddy K-fix connectors which means it can be connected to the standard isofix fittings insuring a secure fit in the car.  Now in group 2-3 car seats the child is secured in the car using a seat belt so there isn’t really anyway of fitting the seat wrong but by having isofix it means you do not have to strap the seat in when the child is not in the car and that the seat doesn’t move when the child climbs in and out thus making the whole process a lot easier.  I put the fixed the isofix guides onto the car and then slotted the car seat into place.  I was actually shocked that it had gone on first time without any fiddling around.  On both sides of the car seat there is a green indicator to show you that the isofix has secured properly.  There is also a quick retraction system on the front of the seat that pulls the isofix fittings inside the seat enabling you to use the Crusierfix Pro in a car that doesn’t have isofix making it very versatile for multi car families.  The seat belt is threaded through an integrated diagonal seat belt guide which helps the seat belt to extend and retract for easier fastening.


I noticed how nice and light the material felt and upon researching found that it is made from breathable Thermotex so in the Summer when the car is particularly warm it will help to keep him cool.  The covers are machine washable at 30 degrees and can be removed easily.  I haven’t washed them yet but I am assuming that the lightweight Thermotex will also be quick drying which is a godsend for us because there is nothing worse than taking covers off to wash and then not being able to use the car for 3 days because the covers are drying.  As well as being breathable the fabric also feels really hard-wearing so should survive scuffs from shoes and buttons on jeans etc.


Once it was in properly and I was happy with how to adjust everything, we headed up to get Spud from school knowing he was extremely excited to be getting a new car seat.  Here is where we discovered just how quick and easy the features make everything on the Kiddy.  Spud jumped into his new seat and I reached behind and effortlessly pulled the handle releasing the seat back for adjustment.  As promised the head rest went up and the shoulder protection went up and out adjusting to his exact size and not that of a “standard” child.  He looked pleased as punch as I adjusted the 3-stage leg extension giving his legs the support that they have lacked in previous seats.  Despite me thinking it was a slim car seat, Spud fitted perfectly.  It is slim but in all the right places.  It is ergonomically shaped to ensure the best possible seating position in the car.  Because of the adjustability I have no doubts that he will still fit in this as he approaches either 12 years old or the 4 foot 6 height law.


Safety wise I have absolutely no issues with this seat.  I will sing its praises from the roof tops.  Every detail is thought about including shock absorbers protecting young bodies from the seat belt injuries that can be inflicted by the safety device that is designed to save adult lives.  The materials to make the actual seat are extremely high-tech and are incorporated to provide protection to the head and neck which are the most vulnerable body parts in a car.  The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro also has the approval for safe use in an aircraft, at only 8kg it is nice and light to be able to take on holiday with you.

I was extremely unhappy with Spud’s old car seat but would recommend this to anybody needing a group 2-3 car seat.

The Kiddy Crusierfix Pro is available at a variety of stockists for around £150.


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