Missing a Trick

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Occasionally the Hubby likes to dabble on betting websites mainly football accumulators for just a bit of fun especially if his team are playing.  It’s not often because I’m pretty strict about our budget and a tenner here and there for bets seems like an awful big waste to me.  Yes they can pay off but if they don’t then you haven’t done anything but lose money that could have bought something deemed a lot more important.

However, it would seem that I am missing a trick.  My mother in law and sister in law both play online bingo which they seem to enjoy and more importantly seem to profit from.  Not so long ago my mother in law won a whopping £10000!  Cynical people like me would say it was a one-off and she would never win again but lo and behold over the few months that followed she won a couple of hundred quid a month.

My sister in law was pregnant and saved up all the spare money for the baby but obviously had to go without certain things until one day she landed a £200 victory and was able to go on a baby spending spree.  Things like that make me rethink my tight budget and tempt me into having a flutter!



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