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Most of us rely on our cars to get us from A to B on a daily basis, and choosing a new car to suit your family’s needs can be a challenge. Whether it’s space, style or fuel efficiency you’re after, safety is always a top priority. To make your car buying experience a little easier, we’ve created a top 10 of the very safest family cars on the market.

1. Renault Clio

The brand new Renault Clio was rated one of the safest cars of 2012 by EuroNCAP. The supermini is ideal for small families looking for a safe, reliable and good-looking run around. The 2012 edition of the Clio was awarded a 5 star safety rating, with an 89% safety rating for child occupancy.

With prices starting from £10,595, it’s one of the cheaper new cars on the market, and – as an added bonus – it’s road tax exempt!

2. Ford Kuga

This small off-road 4×4 would make for the perfect safe and spacious family car. Whilst it’s smaller than many 4x4s on the road, and, therefore, easier to manoeuvre, it’s got all the benefits of a 4-wheel drive. You’ll be able to tackle the roads even on snow days, much to your kids disappointment!

With a child occupancy safety rating of 86%, the Kuga was also awarded 5 stars by EuroNCAP. The new Kuga’s prices range from £20,895 to £29,795.

3. Ford B-MAX

The 5 door Ford B-MAX scores highly on EuroNCAP’s safety ratings for a number of reasons. With 5 stars in its 2012 road test, and an 84% safety rating for child occupancy, it scores highly on our list of safe family cars. The MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) looks good, and has the reliability we’ve come to expect from Ford.

Again, scoring another 5 stars with EuroNCAP, the Ford B-MAX would make for a safe, family-friendly vehicle which looks great and drives well.

4. Volvo V40

Volvo are known for making good quality, sturdy and reliable vehicles, and the V40 is no exception. Scoring another 5 stars with EuroNCAP, the V40 ranks a little lower on the child occupancy front, with 75%.

The Volvo V40 sells itself as a small family car, and with a sleek exterior to match, you’ll score in both the safety and style stakes. Prices range from £19,995 to £26,930 depending on what specification and model you’re after.

5. Hyundai Santa Fe

This large 4×4 is perfect for families with a big or growing brood. With a EuroNCAP 5 star safety rating and a 89% safety score for child occupancy, it’s another high scorer.

The off-roading Santa Fe is also ideal if you’re after a touch of adventure. If not though, there’s always the school run to tackle!

6. Ford Transit Custom

With enough room for you, the kids, their friends, a whole week’s shopping and the family pet inside the all new Ford Transit Custom, you’ll never feel claustrophobic.

It’s probably not necessary to drive a vehicle of this size unless you have a family the size of a football team, but if you do, it’s perfect! The Ford Transit Custom has a child occupancy safety rating of 90%, and, of course, a EuroNCAP 5 star rating. WIth prices starting at a very reasonable £18,316, it could be the perfect choice.

7. Fiat 500L

The 2012 reinvention of the popular Fiat 500, the Fiat 500L, has been voted one of the safest small MPVs of 2012. Fiat sell it as having ‘space to grow’ whilst demonstrating its deceptively spacious boot. With 5 doors instead of the 500’s 3, there’s plenty of room for the kids to get in and out, and you won’t lose any of your style points.

It may be smaller than the others on the list, but the 500L still boasts a EuroNCAP 5 star rating, and a chid occupancy rating of 78%. With prices starting from £15,790, this small family car might surprise you.

8. Vauxhall Mokka

It came second to the Volvo V40 in EuroNCAP’s safest small family cars of 2012, but it was a close runner-up. Marketed by Vauxhall as having ‘smooth curves and a rugged stance for a new kind of motoring. The new Vauxhall Mokka is refined, advanced and capable in any environment.’

The Mokka combines good looks with vital safety features, and, scoring yet another 5 stars, is a great option. Ranking highly for child occupancy, at 90%, you’ll have peace of mind when taking to the road. Vauxhall Mokka prices start from £17,995.

9. Ford Fiesta

As the fourth Ford on the list, it’s easy to see why they’re consistently considered to be a trustworthy, reliable and safe manufacturer. The Ford Fiesta is a staple on British roads, and with such impressive safety ratings, it’s easy to see why.

With prices starting from £9,795, it’s practical, spacious, and you know what to expect from it. With an EcoBoost engine you’ll also be able to save money on fuel, spend less time filling up, and reduce your carbon footprint. It scored 86% in child occupancy at the 2012 road test, and guess what? It got 5 stars!

10. Range Rover Vogue

It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s certainly a safe and reliable car. The Range Rover is a favourite amongst drivers who want to keep the family safe whilst looking good, and with a 5 star safety rating it certainly ticks all the boxes.

The child occupancy rating on the 2012 Range Rover Vogue road test, however, was lower than you might expect, at 84%. The price of a Range Rover varies depending on the model and any add-ons, but the Vogue starts at an eye-watering £71,295.

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