Guest Post – Stay Healthy Together as a Family

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Almost everything in life is more fun when we have someone to share it with, including getting and staying healthy. We all want our children to be fit and well and to grow up strong.


Teaching them good habits early on and setting them an example are the best ways to achieve this. Stay healthy as a family and your children will find it easy to carry on living a healthy lifestyle when they finally become adults. A spokesperson from said in a post on their website:

“Long term dedication to health and fitness is a sure fire way to live a more fruitful life and will leave your family at less risk of losing someone they love too early”

Cook and eat together

Getting children involved in the cooking process at a young age helps encourage them to think about exactly what they eat and why. Talk as you prepare, telling them why we need five portions of fruit and veg a day or what the difference is between wholewheat bread and white bread.

Almost every child will eat something they have proudly prepared themselves, so getting them into the kitchen opens the door to trying new things. Sitting down at the table as a family each night for a meal is one of the best ways of keeping lines of communication open as children get older, which is better for everybody’s mental health as well.

Encourage physical activity

If your children see you slumped on the sofa every evening in front of the telly then they will grow up thinking that it is OK to do that themselves. Make an effort even when you are tired – go out for a walk together as a family, take a bike ride or go swimming.

Play games together at the weekend such as football or Frisbee rather than being stuck indoors and you will find that you all get plenty of exercise without even realising it. You may even find you have more energy as a result.

 Ban sugary drinks

Fizzy pop or soda is one of the worst things you can possibly give your children. Don’t have it in the house at all, but instead get some fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Encourage children to first drink a glass of water when thirsty, then pour a juice and enjoy it slowly.



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