Guest Post – Family finances are stretched

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Money is tight for households all over the world. In countries such as the UK, where the economy is teetering on the brink of recession for the third time in the past few years, families are struggling to cope with the rising cost of energy and food, while the threat of unemployment and benefit cuts continues to loom large.

image credit - Financial Blog Online

image credit – Financial Blog Online

The rising cost of living

With as many as one in four people claiming they’re struggling to make ends meet, what hope is there for people struggling to meet the rising cost of living? Those out of work are really struggling to put food on the table, but it seems that many families where at least one member is in full-time work are suffering too.

Those in work will know that vacancies are thin on the ground, and with a number of companies looking to reduce their costs, they may fear being made redundant for whatever reason. Being injured on the job could be costly, especially in this day and age as employees are only entitled to statutory (sick) pay which can only amount to a couple of weeks’ wages.

Is work a safe place to be?

In the majority of cases, workplaces are free from hazards which endanger employees. However, when workplace accidents occur, the consequences can be serious. Injuries caused by such things as faulty equipment and untidy office space can be distressing because they often cause financial as well as physical harm.

When injured at work through no fault of your own, what can you do? Getting help is something many people in this situation are doing, which helps to explain why more people are making compensation claims.

Groups such as Citizens Advice offer help, while first4lawyers offer advice on compensation nationwide. A successful compensation claim could help to ensure struggling family finances aren’t quite as stretched.


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