The Dreaded MOT

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

On a sunny day in March 2009 we decided to take our 3 day old son out for a walk along the sea front with my family before they all headed home. We filled his bag for every possibility and headed out to the car with our sparkly new pram. We both double and triple checked that our precious bundle was strapped in safely and decided that team work would definitely benefit the situation when trying to load the pram into the boot. The disaster stuck. The pram that I had lusted over for months and was thrilled to finally be able to use didn’t fit in the car.

There was only one thing for it. To buy a new car.

In all seriousness the car was due an MOT which we were sure that it would fail and we didn’t have breakdown cover. It actually made more sense to buy a new car than a new pram. At a week old Spud experienced car shopping for the first time. We managed to get a fantastic deal on an estate car that was only a year old and with a boot the size of a small house there was no doubt that the pram would fit!

We spent the next 2 years sailing on through without a care in the world and then the 3 year grace period ran out and we came face to face with the dreaded yearly MOT. As it approaches at the end of January we nervously try and work out if it will pass. We check every light and tyre to make sure we won’t fail on something silly and cross our fingers tightly.

We have also managed to accidently create a MOT tradition. We drop the car off at 8.30am, walk into town, eat a huge fry up and then walk around the shops for a few hours not worrying about the cost of the car park! This year it was exactly the same but with Spud chatting away about how the car was in the garage getting checked. We even popped down to the harbour on our way back to the garage so that Spud and Spike could see the boats.

Luckily it passed with flying colours with only one advisory because we forgot to remove the Sat Nav cradle from the windscreen and that apparently obscures the drivers vision. Here’s to another year of a roadworthy car!


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