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Bugaboo took me completely by surprise a few weeks ago by previewing the release of a new pushchair.  Immediately I was intrigued, the last time they released a new pushchair it was a better version of the Cameleon and that was less than a year ago.  We were left in suspense for a whole weekend with just one little photo of the new stroller and the speculation began.

So here we have it – the all new, all terrain Bugaboo Buffalo.


The Bugaboo Buffalo offers an extremely versatile, robust and spacious pushchair to transport your child.  Gone is the need for separate town and country pushchairs.  The Bugaboo Buffalo can conquer all terrains with the help of its 4 air-filled tyres and suspension, without looking too big and bulky to cope with urban living.

The tagline for the Buffalo is discover.  It’s about discovering everything and the pushchair not limiting the possibilities.

The Buffalo has stayed true to the Bugaboo design with it incorporating the features from it’s predecessors including the 2 wheeled sand and snow position, the extendable handle bar, hand brake and large storage basket.  It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but it should feature the swing gate bumper bar and the easy slide adjustable harness that we saw introduced on the 3rd generation Cameleon.

People will really be asking what is different about the Buffalo so here it is.

Firstly looks.  It looks like a Cameleon and a Donkey have reproduced.  The Chassis is very similar to the shape of the Donkey with the 4 all terrain, air-filled tyres but not quite as chunky.


The underseat bag is open so no more fiddling with the draw string when loading in your shopping.  It holds a whopping 10kg which holds 60% more weight than that of the Cameleon.


It is the first pushchair to hold a safety certificate to hang weights of up to 6kg on the handle and has integrated hooks to aid this.


It has a one-piece, free-standing, fold when using either the carrycot or the seat.


The seat is higher and wider allowing children of up to 23kg (50lb) to travel in style.


The sun canopy is extendable to provide even more shelter from the elements


The Bugaboo Buffalo comes in the base colors black and sand and tailored fabric colors off-white, red, pink, petrol blue, royal blue and black.

The Bugaboo Buffalo will be in stores from March 15th, 2013 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia. In summer 2013 the Bugaboo Buffalo will be launched in Australia and New-Zealand. In autumn 2013 the Bugaboo Buffalo will be introduced to the rest of the world, with the exception of the USA whereby introduction will be considered at a later stage.

To keep up to date with the Bugaboo Buffalo news and to see photos of the Buffalo in action head over to their Facebook page.

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