It’s time to take charge!

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I am officially under the thumb, wrapped around his little finger and a humongous pushover.  I just don’t know how he does it.  Spike says jump and I say how high.  The tiny tyrant certainly wears the trousers in this house!  He gets out of bed after lights out and says “cuggle” and I’m there, defying all of Supernanny’s rules, giving him a big snuggly cuddle before putting him back into bed.  He says “deedee” and I put a dummy in his mouth, despite that fact that he is 2 years old and really shouldn’t have one during the day anymore.


The other night Spike slept in our bed, something that we never ever let Spud do.  Granted he was poorly and the only way anybody was going to get any sleep was by letting him cuddle up to me.  The next morning after Spud begged to have a go on Angry Birds and I point-blank refused, I suddenly thought “oh my god I have a favourite!”


Every parenting choice I have ever made flashed before my eyes.  Spud didn’t have a dummy during the day after he turned 8 months, he was put back into bed with no communication after numerous get ups and his actions have always had consequences.  Why am I treating Spike differently?!


It turns out I’m not, well I am but it’s not favouritism!  Spike is just a lot more needy that Spud ever was.  When I took Spud’s dummy away it was because he kept hooking it underneath his teeth and once it was gone he never once asked for it.  With Spike there was never a need to take it away and if you do he asks and asks and asks and asks until eventually you give in.  Spud got the hint after one day of being put back to bed with no communication and wasn’t phased by it.  Spike balls his eyes out and there really is no way of shutting him up without giving him something as simple as one cuddle.


It is true that you baby a second child more, you realise just how quickly they grow up and it stops being about reaching the next milestone and starts to be about appreciating the now.  Spike wants to be babied.  Spud was just so independent from day one that it was hard to remember that he was still a baby.  He wasn’t interested in cuddles and wanted to be off doing something,  Spike will quite happily sit with you for hours having a nice cuddle.  He still has a bottle at bed time, which we did try to skip the other night when we ran out of milk but he refused to stay in bed without having it!


He is certainly a strong-willed toddler and will go to any extreme to get what he wants.  I have resorted to the naughty step in an attempt to stop the whingeing and full of screaming tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way.  It has shown me that I have to man up and set some proper boundaries.  Yes I can give him cuddles and baby him when needed but if I give in to every demand he is going to become a total brat that drives me crazy.  The worst thing is, it will be all my fault!


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