A Productive Day!

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After weeks of deliberation, this week Spike dropped his three mornings a week at nursery and started going for one morning and one full day.  When he was just mornings it really limited what I could do because I had to be back in time to collect him at 12 and then again to collect Spud at 3.  I decided that it would be nice to have a full day to run errands or get work done and also to free up a day where it would be just be and Spike having some quality time together.

This morning he was extremely excited when he realised that he was taking a lunch bag with him.  Every time I picked him up at 12 he would have a mini strop because his friends were staying for lunch.  He insisted on holding onto it the whole way to Spud’s pre school and even tried to put it into their fridge with Spuds!  We set off for Nursery with him still clutching his lunch bag tightly and he ran in showing one of the workers declaring “BAG!”

After putting it into the fridge he came running out for me to take him coat off and pop his slippers on.  He’s usually pretty clingy when it’s time for me to actually leave but was quite happy to stay there today.  I set off home to wake up the Hubby with plans of cleaning out the car, doing the housework and sorting out the garage.

This is how we spent our morning:


It was weird not having to collect him at 12 and I spent the afternoon feeling like I had forgotten something.  The car, housework and garage didn’t get done and I opted for a really easy dinner of sausage and mash so didn’t even need to prep that!  I went up to collect him at 2.45pm after calling the Nursery to double-check what time I had to actually get him and he was surprisingly alert for someone who hadn’t napped!  I said if he napped we wouldn’t do afternoons but they said he didn’t even hint at being tired.  I popped him in the pushchair to go on the school run and despite his eyes rolling a few times he looked like this when we got home.


Overall it was a good day had by all and I’m really quite excited to spend the day with him on Friday!

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