Princess Honey Proofing

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You know that banking advert where they say you can manage your money better when you know where it’s all going and the camera pans to a Hamster in a gold cage with a water slide.  That is us.  Only not really through choice!


When we got Princess Honey (Spud named her, I will never take credit for that name!) we got her the basic starter set which really was no good for her.  It was mainly plastic and steamed up every day (god knows what she was up to in there!)  Being a Syrian Hamster we knew she would want to climb and chew on metal bars so purchased her a groovy one with bars a plenty and some pretty funky tunnels.  She then did this.


This cage was purchased in mid December so it’s not even a month old and she has gone all Shaw Shank Redemption on us.  We noticed as well that she burrows.  A lot.  Our study carpet is always covered in wood shavings so we started to miss our old plastic cage which in a ruthless garage clear out got binned.  We popped to the pet shop to consider our options and were told that despite having wood here, there and everywhere for her to chew on that buying her a corn on the cob thing would help.  It did.  For two days.  There was only one thing for it.   To buy the only cage that offered bars for climbing and chewing and a base strong enough and deep enough for her to bury and not chew through.  Here is our Princess Honey Proofed Gerbilarium!  Let’s hope this one lasts or I will be forced into debt and IVA research!


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