Mind Boggling

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Now I’ve been pregnant a few times and have two gorgeous boys.  I have friends that have been pregnant, family that has been pregnant but why is it still so mind-boggling!  Since losing baby 3 in November I have been quite frankly crapping myself at the thought of trying again.  I really don’t want to go through or put anyone else through the events of November ever again but it’s a huge risk that I have to take for a huge reward if all goes well.

Trying for a baby seems to be even more mind-boggling than growing one and having to squeeze it out of your foo.  I read about people observing their own excretions, charting their temperature and having sex in all sorts of weird ways to try to make a baby.  I guess the reward is SO amazing that people really will go to all lengths to try to get one.

I’ve never really bought into that side of making babies, surely it takes the fun out of it?  My friend and I had a little joke about a phone app telling us when we were most fertile and instructions about which days to “do the deed” on to conceive certain genders.  I’ve always been of the attitude that if you stress too much it probably won’t happen.  For me I just get on with it and if it happens it happens and then I head straight to the pregnancy due date calculator and count down the days until I am 12 weeks pregnant and can shout it from the roof tops!  I have been incredibly lucky so I can’t say that if it did start to take a few months to fall pregnant that I won’t be the one with charts coming out of my ears and having sex whilst standing on my head!


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