Honey Houdini

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I was browsing Facebook the other day and noticed a status from Me, The Man and The Baby about how paranoid she gets in her house when her husband is on night shifts.  I can totally relate to that as my Hubby does them quite a lot.  Every shadow makes me jump, I become afraid of the dark and pray the house doesn’t make too many noises and that I can get a peaceful nights sleep starfishing in my empty bed.

Well last night was particularly bad, I went to bed early so that I could read a book and then realised I had forgotten to do this, that and the other and had to get up and go through the silent house.  I practically ran back to bed and hid under the covers waiting for my nerves to settle.

At midnight I was awoken by an almighty hail storm and I lay there hoping I would be the only one disturbed by it.  If it woke the boys id be in for a long night.  Luckily they stayed quiet and sleep soon took hold.  At 3am I could hear a strange noise.  I came to and realised it was Spike’s VTech Toot Toot garage having a little sing.  I had been in the playroom earlier in the day measuring it up incase we decide to give up our big bedroom for the boys and use it as the master bedroom.  I assumed that I had placed a toy on top of the garage and that gravity had moved it onto a sensor.

It didn’t show any signs of stopping so huffing and puffing I got up and went into the next room to turn it off at the switch.  I lifted off the toys and glancing up I saw something that made me jump like 50 feet into the air (a mean feat with my low ceilings!)  The bloody hamster was sat on the Toot Toot garage staring up at me.  I absolutely papped myself.  Darling little, cute, Princess Honey had managed to escape her cage, scale the stairs and have a good old look around the playroom.  God knows how long she had actually been out for.

How on earth she managed to get up the stairs is beyond me but I am SO lucky that she set off that blasted garage otherwise she would still be running around my house like she owned the place.  I managed to corner her and coax her into one of their small toy boxes which I then carried back downstairs.  The cage was all still shut so I was most confused until I noticed that one of the doors had a gap about half and inch wide.

I called the Hubby at work to find out where the cable ties were and cable tied the crap out of her cage.  She wasn’t happy about being put back in her cage and kept gnawing at the door through which she had escaped.  With the adrenaline pumping from the initial fright I had no chance at going back to sleep so actually read for about an hour before calming down enough to sleep!

 As far as I can tell her cage is now escape proof but I’m sure the little biatch will find a way to stress me out!  Whoever said hamsters were an easy pet LIED!”

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