D Day

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Today I grew some balls and went to the dentist.  I had been complaining about toothache all weekend so the Hubby phoned up the emergency dentist to get me an appointment.  After some child care jiggling I was good to go at 2.15pm.

I have been on the waiting list for an NHS Dentist for 2 years  and never really chased it because I absolutely hate the dentist.  I’m not scared of the drilling as such I just can’t abide having someone else’s hands digging around in my mouth and I hate when they don’t suction properly and I nearly drown on a water and saliva mix.  It’s just not a pleasant experience and one that I try to put off as much as I can.


Anywho I popped to the Dentist, paid my fee and sat nervously in the waiting room for them to call my name.  When it was my turn I probably came across as a sulky teenager as I followed her down the hall.  I told the Dentist that I really didn’t like coming and she just laughed at me.  This was followed by orders being barked at me like I was a petulant 5-year-old.

After about 15 minutes of digging, poking, scraping and then a big ass needle jabbing into my gum I burst into tears.  The Hitler of all Dentists didn’t really know what to say or do but the Nurse was lovely.  I felt like a right tit sitting there with tears streaming down my face totally overwhelmed by the whole experience.  Because she was so nice to me the tears kept on bloody coming!

After that Hitler was much nicer to me.  She kept telling me I had a beautiful smile and that I was doing really well.  I then knew how my 3-year-old feels when I praise him for tedious things, I was half expecting a sticker at the end of it.

It wasn’t all that bad, it could have been better and it could have been much worse.  I have to go back next week for some hygiene and I have totally decided that 6 monthly check ups are the way forward.  At least then if I need anything doing it’s little and often rather than a whole bunch of procedures at the same time that make me cry!  Lesson learnt.

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