Operation Big Boy Bed

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We have been playing musical bedrooms AGAIN here this week.  When staying with Nana and Pops, Spike managed to climb out of his cot a few times but had worked out how to do it “ safety” so I wasn’t too worried and decided just to see how we got on at home because my cot was lower and in all honesty I wanted him to remain caged for as long as possible!

Two days after arriving home Spike attempted to climb out of his cot and fell.  He wasn’t hurt but it was enough to kick my into putting him into a bed.  My mum told me just to take his cot side off to start with but because it’s not an actual cot bed the base is attached to the sides rather than the ends so on attempting that the base fell to the floor!  We had a spare toddler bed in the garage but no mattress to fit it.  I tried his cot mattress on the toddler bed and it was only too small by a couple of inches and decided it was the best option because he simply couldn’t stay in the cot anymore.


After an okish nap time in his big boy bed I started to dread bed time. Then I had a brain wave. I could use Spud’s bossiness to my advantage. I decided to move them back into the same room and have Spud be “in charge” of telling Spike to stay in bed. After a quick rearrangement of the furniture I had a VERY cute box room with two teeny little beds.


The first night was pretty good.  Spud did exactly what I thought he would and was barking orders every time Spike so much as breathed and made me very aware of him getting out of his bed by shouting down the baby monitor.  Spike soon got the hint and both boys were fast asleep within about 20 minutes.  Spike then waited until I had just drifted into a very deep sleep to fall out of his bed.  Luckily he went straight back in and managed to stay there until morning.

Nap time yesterday was a HUGE success and Spike slept for a whopping 3 hours.  Because of that bed time was slightly more challenging and I kept hearing shouts of “gerr outta ma bed Spike!”  They were asleep (in their own beds!) within about 45 minutes so it could have been worse!

It’s quite exciting that Spike is moving onto the next stage, I did shed a little tear when we dismantled his cot as it means he really is growing up.  There are only a few things left that make him a baby and when we start potty training after Christmas he really won’t be my tiny baby anymore!

Nap time today was rubbish.  Sods law struck and because I decided to nap at the same time Spike only had an hour.  Bed time was great and I didn’t hear Spud shout once that Spike was out of his bed apart from when he finished his milk and was bringing me the bottle.  They are both extremely happy to be sharing a room and both keep talking about Spike’s new big boy bed.


It makes playing easier as they have the spare room just for their toys.  It makes it a lot less stressful for me as well because for some reason they used to insist on stripping their beds if let them play in their rooms and it means that the toys are contained because it would take me an age to retrieve Spud’s toys from Spike’s room and vice versa!


 Fingers crossed it stays on the road to success, I just have to decide if I am buying Spike a toddler mattress of going all out and getting them full sized bunk beds complete with new quilts, pillows, mattress protector and bedding!


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