31 Days Notice

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Valentines Day is just a month away so the shops are filling up with lots of lovey dovey gifts for Hallmark to make a mint from lovers to give to one another.

We don’t buy into the commercialism of Valentines Day, I could sit here and spout off some rubbish about how we love each other every day but quite simply we had to draw the line somewhere!  The Hubby is pretty pants at remembering special dates and with Mother’s Day topping my list of non birthday events, that we MUST celebrate, he could fit little else into his calendar let alone our budget!

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I can be soppy and we do in fact tell each other that we love each other every day (and mean it!) but the Hubby has somehow managed to work a ridiculous shift for the past 5 Valentines Days.  I’m starting to think he does it on purpose, in an attempt to stop me from changing my mind and beg for him to shower me with roses just one day a year.  The first year that we were together for Valentines Day, I told him that we wouldn’t do anything only to buy him a shed load of presents, a soppy card and then I surprised him by wearing some gorgeous lingerie from Figleaves (it was pre children!)  He got me nothing.  I sulked.  For days.


On his next day off of work, he redeemed himself by filling the living room with pink and silver balloons, cooking me a fantastic dinner and showering me with soppy presents – oh and he let me quit my crappy tele-sales job!  He was forgiven but he also made clear that if I give him a free pass he will take it.  It was then that we decided to stick to Birthdays and Christmas.  Him using the words “If we don’t celebrate the rubbish ones we can go all out on Birthdays” may have persuaded me a little bit!

Six years on we have two kids that drain our bank account but as we haven’t had a date night for a while – *cough* Hubby if you are reading this, maybe take a look over here for some inspiration – don’t complain or “forget” I’ve given you 31 days notice!




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