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Oobicoo, Cuddly chums – and they’re earth friendly too!

Perfect friends, siblings, confidantes.

Designed to wear outgrown baby clothes, just dress them in whatever you have in the house (or can find in the charity shop). They are the same size as an average six month old baby – so they’ll fit baby clothes and toddler gear too.  In a babygro they look like a baby, but they grow up fast – so are the ideal friend, sister or brother, for boys and girls. Dressing the Oobicoos in real clothes encourages dexterity in terms of buttons, zips and even ‘over the head’ … as well as encouraging simple re-use. Hand-me-downs have never been so in demand!

Oobicoos are made with love and care, each one is hand sewn, so they all look slightly different – just as people do.  Their filling is 100% recycled polymer (plastic bottles which have been turned into nice soft, huggable stuff) and their ‘skin’ is recycleable – so when you’ve had enough hugging, pop them in the textile bank … (Better still, give them to a young friend).

Every Oobicoo sold is raising money for the Children’s Immunology Fund (CIF). Working with The Bubble Unit, in Newcastle upon Tyne and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, CIF raises money to treat and care for sick children and to support their siblings and families.  Registered charity number SCO41239.

To win an Oobicoo doll of your choice simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below!

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